CNA Week #3

Lynchburg Planning Commission backs approval of permit to expand LU stadium

The News and Advance’s Damien Sordelett relays that the Lynchburg Planning Commission has recommended their approval of Liberty University’s plan to significantly renovate and enlarge Williams Stadium. Largely because of the football team’s transition to the Football Bowl Subdivision, Liberty is planning a two-phase expansion that will increase the seating capacity from 19,000 to 25,000. Despite traffic concerns surrounding the stadium upgrade, the Lynchburg Planning Commission’s decision on the project was unanimous.

WWII veterans presented with honorary quilts by local seamstresses

Margaret Carmel of The News and Advance writes of a heartwarming ceremony in Lynchburg, Virginia, in which eight World War II veterans were honored with custom-made quilts. The quilts, presented by the Seven Hills Quilt Guild, were created by the Quilts of Valor Foundation, a non-profit that aims to esteem those previously or actively involved in American armed service. The ceremony, which took place at Westminster Canterbury, included highlights of the veterans’ military accomplishments as well as images of the former soldiers while they were in action.

White supremacists attempting to recruit on college campuses; fliers found in Lynchburg

According to Elizabeth Tyree of WSET ABC 13, Lynchburg College and Liberty University have responded to social media posts by a white nationalist group that depicted their propaganda on both higher education campuses. Identity Evropa, a group of white supremacists that was involved in the Charlottesville shootings in August, tweeted pictures of their fliers on many colleges around the United States. One such flier was found and removed from Lynchburg College, while Liberty declared that the LU Police Department found nothing and came to the conclusion that the photos were likely photoshopped.

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