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How Does One Write for “Adventures in Consumer Technology?”

As you may know, the overlords at recently changed the policy and procedures for editorial submissions to…

The 2015 PR Quiz

How quickly things change in the PR business. In fact, how quickly things have changed in every business function — from marketing to sales to CRM to IT! Even with all this…

Digital Video Or Die

There is no shortage of pundits waxing on the subject of measurement in public relations. Back in the day, the number of media impressions served as the standard…

My Segway Ride

The headline on Quartz pretty much summed it up:

“The tortured and ludicrous history of Segway ends with its acquisition by a Chinese imitator”

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Beyond TripAdvisor and VirtualTourist

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Coastal California

A Decade of Content Marketing

I like telling stories, and on occasion even have something worthwhile to say given all the high profile assignments on which I’ve worked over the years. I…

Apple Watch: Behind Imagined Doors

Cupertino, CA (Early 2014)

Setting: A conference room at Apple headquarters where members of the vaunted company’s marketing communications team have gathered to map out a strategy to launch the much-anticipated Apple Watch.

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Coastal California

With our #2 son living and working in San Francisco and our #1 son situated in San Diego for the month of January, what better excuse was there for my wife and I to sojourn…

New Media & The PR Pro: A Look Ahead

I can’t decide whether these are the best of times or the worst of times for public relations professionals. Clearly, we’re thriving in a changed and changing world that, frankly, is not well suited to those accustomed to the status quo. On the one hand, companies still crave and handsomely compensate their agencies for stories “placed” in mainstream…

Brits Behaving Badly

I can’t remember how the new business opportunity came into our agency, but somehow I was tapped as the PR executive to head the pitch team. No, this wasn’t your typical…

Questions on the Current State of PR

I recently was invited to wax poetic on state of the PR industry in a webinar gloriously titled “The Harsh New Media Reality.” From my POV, the session…