What Shall We Name Our Small Literary Press?

TO: English Department Faculty

FROM: Roger Quin, Editor-in-Chief of our still UNNAMED literary journal

SUBJECT: The Literary Journal’s Name

Dear Guntherville College English Faculty,

As you know, the college recently acquired a small printing press and I have volunteered my services as the Editor-in-Chief of what I hope will be a daring new publication which will draw accolades to our already august institution. Already we’ve had some EXCELLENT submissions from the student body including a lovely poem by freshman Taylor Fergus and an exciting photo essay by fifth-year-senior Grable Finn!

Unfortunately, none of you answered the survey that I sent you back in August and now we’re all set to print except for the fact that our literary journal HAS NO NAME!

Please choose from the following proposed titles and email me ASAP!

The Hyacinth McCaw
Fresh Warm Bread
The Birch Beer Review
The Hands in Wheat Lit
The Splendid Sojourner
Independent Horses
Wheat Bran Extract Review
A Flight of Fathoms
The New York Tymes Books and Literature Section
Ironic Kittens

Thank you for your time,

Roger Quin, Editor-in-Chief of _____________ (See the problem here?)

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Peter J Roth is a scalawag playwright from Cleveland. Follow him on Twitter @PeterJ_Roth.

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