What You Won’t Hear At The Debates

By: Peter Kiernan

Here’s what you won’t get at either the Happy Hour Debate or the Main Event of the top ten candidates…

Real solutions for the middle class crisis we face — our most central issue. Between Democrats and Republicans over twenty candidates have thrown their hats in the ring — every one claims to be the champion of the middle class.

What solutions have they proposed?

A pretty stale serving of the same-old: Doubling the capital gains rate; fixing our infrastructure by hiking the gas tax; bumping minimum wage; taking the world’s biggest most complex budgeting process to something called zero based budgeting — a boil the ocean approach that says you start from scratch and everyone competes for dollars every year (Can you imagine the gridlock?); “fixing” education and my favorite “Create more jobs” — as if saying it has anything to do with making good jobs happen.

How about some real solutions that:

> Create jobs but also educate Americans to fill the 4 million already existing but unfilled skill based jobs

> Solve the NEETS crisis — there are 4 million Americans between the ages of 16–25 that are ‘Not in Education, Employment, or Training’

> Create the American Infrastructure Development Bank. Galvanize the business community, unions, and government to create jobs and rebuild the country.

How about describing how you actually create a job?

What you won’t get in the debates occupies this dialogue between Charlie Rose and author Peter D. Kiernan as they discuss his book American Mojo: Lost and Found— Restoring our middle class before the world blows by. They talk about real issues and how to fix them without raising taxes for every fresh idea.

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