On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Full disclosure: Robin Alperstein is a lawyer. (Google.) Lawyers do not spend time writing such researched attacks without being paid money. Especially ones with a 212 area code.

That said, the piece contains disinformation to create what we engineers call FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). I will not dissect this screed — a “hit piece” as promised by the Clinton Machine after Sanders’s Wisconsin win — except to put in a couple of broad stroke points for Sanders’s economic plan, and to raise a few questions about Clinton. The astute reader will verify my assertions using the Google.

First, about US economics. Compared to other First World Countries, we have big problems — particularly our Health System, our “Defense” (read: “War”) Budget, and our Corporate Taxes (read: “Panama Papers, etc”). Going to Single Payer — which provides better medical care to the entirety of the population of First World Countries — would save us $500B a year. Our “Defence” Budget is about equal to the rest of the World’s summed up — reducing it to something reasonable, as well as taxing corporations reasonably (and I’m not even advocating returning to Eisenhower tax rates) will give us trillions more per year, and increase corporate efficiency. There are many more ways to improve the economy, if one does one thing: THINK! (Sanders is doing it; Clinton is advocating the status quo and lowered expectations.)

Second, about Clinton. Her supporters advocate her using jingoistic rhetoric (“she works for us,” “she’s spent her life in public service,” “she’s a progressive who gets things done”). They cite her “experience.” I’m nonplussed.
If her experience is her major asset, George W. Bush (two term President, Governor, etc) does better. Not a good argument, huh? Further, as for her experience, great — but what has she accomplished?!
Nothing for the people. Nothing. But a lot for Corporate America and the Military-Industrial Complex. She voted for war every time it came up, each time being the wrong choice, and she advocated war as foreign policy as Secretary of State. In her four years as Sec of State, the US sold about twice the arms as it did during Bush’s last four years! (And a lot of those sales were concurrent with donations to the Clinton Foundation, which no one can figure out what sort of charity work it does.)

As Secretary of State, she went around the world promoting fracking. Finally, consider this: President Obama recently conceded that his biggest blunder was the handling of Libya. Who was Secretary of State at the time? Clinton. In fact, she mishandled all of Arab Spring, the major issue of her tenure: Northern Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia hates the US more than ever — in no small part to her mismanagement.
So, as Secretary of State, not so impressive. Same as Senator.

So what has she accomplished, given all the years of public service she touts. Well, not much good for We the People. A lot of good things for Corporate America — more war, NAFTA, TPP, the Crime Bill to feed crack-dealing Blacks to Private Prisons, deregulation of Wall Street, … As a corporate shill, she’s pretty competent. But when it comes to handling projects for the people, like Health Care Reform in the 90s, she screws up (accidentally?): Even with the first Clinton in office, and a Democratic Senate and House, her Health Care Reform was a disaster.

An Executive should exercise good judgement, be respected by the people they work with, and have a track record of confidence-inspiring leadership. Clinton has none of these. Sanders demonstrates all amply.

PS Counsel Alperstein, how much did you get paid for this piece?

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