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Democrito e Protagora

On November 1 I was honored to speak at a University of Connecticut POLS Colloquium. Below are my remarks, as written. As delivered they included a pretty good Columbo impersonation and a few other asides, but this is pretty close to what I said.

Thank you for inviting me to join you today for what I hope will be an interesting conversation. My name is Peter Loge. I’m an Associate Professor in the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University, a strategic consultant, and most recently the author of a book called Soccer Thinking for Management Success: Lessons for organizations from the world’s game. …

It is easy to honor the dead. We can pick moments from long and complicated lives of others to paint a complete picture of what we hope our lives will be remembered for having been. A eulogy is, of course, about the person being eulogized. It is also about the moment in which the eulogy is delivered, our own hopes and fears, and the case we want to make about what should come next. Our reflections on the dead are at least as much about ourselves and our time as they are about those on whose behalf we are reflecting.

This weekend’s words for Senator McCain are about the man. …

Every strategic communications professional has her or his own favorite model for doing strategic communications. There are toolkits, charts, workbooks, boxes, and more. Most of them mostly say the same thing, and all of them owe a debt to Aristotle’s Rhetoric.

In this regard, I am no different from my strategic communication professional colleagues. From my perspective, successful strategic communication is one admonition and five steps. The toolkits, charts, templates, boxes, and the rest all have these elements at their core. When I write plans for clients, and when I teach courses on strategic communication, this is where I start.



Peter Loge

Assoc Prof GW School of Media and Public Affairs, author of Soccer Thinking for Management Success http://www.peterloge.com

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