(Why) The English-Speaking World is the New Soviet Union
umair haque

I see a phenomena. I wonder about it. I seek information and opinion regarding it. I read what comes my way. I feel into it. I feel whether it has authenticity. Does it ‘feel’ right. And then we turn to the logic of it. Not much can actually be ‘proved’. You can’t make an experiment to test what’s causing things to turn to shit because you can’t isolate a single variable and test against a control group. So, what is this nonsense about ‘bias’. What is bias? It’s an opinion. It may be ‘right’. It may be ‘true’. Only time will tell. Anyway were one able to isolate a single variable it might be greed. Test group one: design a society without greed. Test group 2: decide a society with greed. Run experiment. Compare societies.

I’m very sensitive to the ‘Lady Macbeth’ problem. ‘Me thinks the lady protests too much’ (which is probably mis-quoted). The point is, if you have to shout about how great you are, then you probably ain’t. Works very well as a test. See through the smoke and mirrors. The chaf.

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