Energy-Efficient Upgrades Modernize Social Housing Infrastructure

In response to the “Thanks for nothing: Provincial cash for social housing must go to green energy projects” column by James Wallace.

A key component of delivering a better life for residents is ensuring that social housing across our province is well-funded and sustainable for generations to come.

Ontario’s five-year province-wide investment of up to $657 million in social housing will help make crucial building repairs for the health and safety of residents and cost-effectively extend the life of social housing units. A leaky roof, drafty windows, failing exterior walls, or ‎a spotty hot water supply are all items that every tenant knows are crucial to living in a safe and comfortable home.

The City of Toronto will receive up to $343 million of this funding to make a sizable dent in the existing repair backlog at Toronto Community Housing. Many of the repairs already identified by Toronto Community Housing will receive this funding and some of these repairs are already underway.

By tackling core social housing needs like energy-efficient window, heating, lighting, and insulation repairs, our investment has a multiplier effect, freeing up investments made by the City of Toronto to reach other needed repairs.

Recognizing the importance of this influx of funding, Toronto Mayor John Tory called our investment “a very big step forward in the interest of fairness for the tenants of Toronto Community Housing.”

We will continue to work with the City and all municipalities to improve housing access and affordability, while building a fairer Ontario for everyone who calls our province home.

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