We all know DRIP has potential but will it ever replace your daily income?

DRIP came across my path on 6th July 2021, and I’ve been steadily hydrating on a daily basis since then. However, I’m often thinking when may be the best time to start claiming my rewards rather than reinvesting.

All play, no work?

What is DRIP?

Now in case you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about… DRIP is a CD-like crypto project that allows you to make a decent return of 365% in a year where DRIP tokens are paid back to you in 1% installments based on your original deposit. This can be turned into incredible returns of up to 3,678% a year if you re-compound…

Now may be a good time to get buying DRIP

Buy the D(R)IP!.

Since the end of June, DRIP has been experiencing skyrocketing prices amidst a plunging crypto market after the Bitcoin retraction from $60k. The buzz around DRIP has been immense and many folks have jumped in and enjoyed the ride so far. But then DRIP dipped…


Crypto enthusiast and part-time farmer.

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