The two co-founders of the massively successful Sleeping Giants campaign have publicly issued statements on their separation.

First Nandini Jammi released this story:

Then Matt Rivitz responded with this apology:

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Unfortunately, Matt’s letter provides a text-book example of how not issue a public apology. Here are seven crucial mistakes he makes.

  1. He should have already stepped aside from running the campaign, or at the very least done so here. Not doing so means he thinks he IS the campaign — that he is bigger than the cause. No one ever is.
  2. He should have tweeted this from his…

In 2007, I flew into New York for the first time. As we descended into La Guardia, a fellow passenger pointed out the iconic UN building to her companion, gleaming in reflected sunlight. I silently smiled with a swell of involuntary pride. Years of low wage design grunt work had paid off. My new employer was the United Nations Department of Public Information, where I would attempt to build the digital version of a long-standing UN magazine. The results would be… not as good as I had hoped. Managing digital projects is complicated business. …

Peter Romich

Digital Engagement Expert | Formerly IFAD, UNHQ, UNOCHA, UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO 🌍 🇺🇳 🇪🇺

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