Weird and wonderful first week of Incubate

Lessons learned from week one of Sydney University’s startup Incubator.

The first week of Incubate is like moving out of home. The intense feeling of freedom is both exciting and intimidating. You awkwardly interact with your new housemates, trying to determine who has similar interests or whether they’re going to do their share of the dishes.

Our fledgling startup, NumbRay, was one of the 12 companies chosen out of over 100 applicants to participate in Sydney University’s startup incubator. But more on NumbRay in future posts.

One week in, and we’ve already learned a lot. We’ve learned that good entrepreneurs are really just scientists who study their customers’ problems; collecting data and testing hypothesises. We’ve learned that a successful startup must be open to advice, and willing to quickly pivot when faced with new evidence. Personally, I’ve learned that the opportunity to pursue a passion project is one the most motivating and exciting experiences one can have whilst sober.

One of most surprising things about the program so far is how well resourced and dedicated the program and mentors are. The mentors are seasoned and successful entrepreneurs, and many companies who have graduated from the program have raised millions of dollars. It’s as if you’ve suddenly woken up in an episode of Startup or Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman.

We have an exciting 14 weeks ahead at Incubate, stay tuned to hear more about our exciting project!