New year, new me

I don’t know how to tie my shoes.

I’m 22. I was reminded of this fact last week by my mom as she watched me put on my low-tops and use the double-bunny ears approach. I never learned the correct loop-and-pull technique. In fact, I don’t even know if that’s the correct name. Again, I never learned.

There are many things I don’t know how to do, but 2015 showed me that there’s always room for learning. Friend of a friend gets a flat tire in a TJ Maxx parking lot? No problem. Need to learn how to study? Better late than never, college senior. The library is always open. Want to do karaoke on a Tuesday night?

Well, karaoke was both a great decision and horrible, terrible, no good, very bad decision all at the same time. (Pro tip: choose a song the audience will undeniably sing along to, thus drowning out what you can only imagine is a less-than-stellar amount of voice talent.) Sorry, again, Freddy Mercury.

But with any year, there are always ups and downs. The highs were high, the lows were low, but I always looked great doing it (Pro tip: when buying skinny jeans, be aware that “skinny” and “skin-tight man leggings” are two terms that can sometimes be interchangeable.) OK, so I didn’t always look great doing it. I had more than enough drinks spilled on me, dressed up as a box for Halloween and tried to make oversized, fake plastic glasses look presentable. I was told they did not look presentable, and in fact, I looked dumb.

2015 was full of some harsh truth, but what else is expected just a few short months from adulthood? Life is tough. Life is hard. Life is unexpected. One day, you’ll find yourself being baked by a hot August sun cheering on the greatest women’s soccer team ever assembled, and the next you’ll end up beside yourself sleeping on your friend’s floor after a particularly rough night.

2015 also taught me to never take a moment for granted, and the best way to live life is to be completely honest with those around you. Want to tell someone something you normally never would? Go for it, chief. There’s no reason in holding things in, words left unspoken causing a mixture of doubt and hope, intertwined cruelly with a racing mind flipping from one emotion to the other and back again.

Some people like to say that the only way to go up is to hit rock bottom. The most important thing I learned this year is that you truly don’t have to hit rock bottom to find your way up. Instead, you might just have to swallow some pride (OK, swallow a lot of pride. Check that, you have no pride left. That’s fine, too.) and sleep on your friend’s floor, no matter how cold and uncomfortable that may be. Thanks to 2015, I’m leaner, smarter and a better person. Here’s to 2016 creating an even better version of me.

And maybe, just maybe, this is the year I’ll learn how to tie my shoes correctly.

2016 Predictions:

Sports: Steph Curry owned 2015, and might be even better in 2016. But can he make Under Armour shoes popular enough to compete with the big boys of Nike and Adidas? Already seeing younger hoopsters wearing the UA letters on their shoes, one might have to think Under Armour can hang on the hardwood.

Music: Drake drops Views from the 6 between Feb. 8 and Feb. 12 to coincide with NBA All-Star Weekend. The entertainment world’s eyes will be affixed to Toronto already, and you know the 6 God will want some new material for the bevy of parties he’s bound to host. His friends Kevin Durant, Kobe and Andrew Wiggins will already be in town. Why not show the world Toronto knows how to party?

Politics: A November showdown of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the country’s most volatile, divided election ever. Record ratings for every late-night show.

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