Best Parks in Lubbock

Whether you’re walking your dog or enjoying an afternoon picnic, Lubbock has lots of parks for you to visit. Here are a few of my favorites:

Huneke Park: This is a nice park to visit during the day, but it’s even better at night. There’s a war memorial in very good condition, which lights up at night. There’s also a lake with a fountain, and during the warm months you can find ducks there. It’s a great place to see a sunset or enjoy a spring picnic, or just to sit and think.

Mackenzie Park: Located off of Interstate 27, Mackenzie Park is a big place –two hundred forty-eight acres in all– and it offers a lot of options to park-goers. There’s a disc golf course, as well as a regular golf course and golf pro shop. There are some baseball fields, as well as Joyland Amusement Park, which offers a few rides, including a roller coaster and some water slides. There’s also a sculpture garden featuring the work of Lubbock native Steve Teeters, and Prairie Dog town, where you can see (and feed) prairie dogs in their natural habitat for free.

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