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It’s late October, sunny and bright, cirrus clouds scratching the sky above. Below this sky, I’m walking along the rooftop of the Casa Milà in Barcelona. The rooftop itself rolls like waves, requiring one to climb steps up and down as they view the skyline.

Antoni Gaudí was this building’s architect. His works dot the Spanish and Catalonian landscapes, similar to neighboring buildings only in that they have doors, walls, and roofs. …

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Where’s Waldo, except “Waldo” in this case would be me.

Last Sunday morning I woke up in Scranton, fresh from celebrating a friend’s wedding festivities. That same night I fell asleep on the opposite side of the country in Northern California, having leapt through multiple time zones to complete the first day of my first module as a Kauffman Fellow.

The 24th class of Kauffman Fellows is now one module in, with six more to go over the next two years. 64 people, including myself, each trying to figure out how to better support entrepreneurship through our own investing. …

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This image applies to everything I’ve written on venture capital, investing, etc.

A friend recently asked what I consider to be differentiators for venture capital funds. Here was my answer, copied and pasted below:


Network/Access: An investor needs a unique angle on this to source new companies with a higher likelihood of venture-return potential, given the portfolios will ultimately be heavier on losses.

Motivation: When there’s an imbalance between prior accomplishments and compensation that keeps an investor fighting for that network/access as they build a repeatable strategy. And, whether they want to generate carry (from performance) or management fees (from gathering assets).

Not Differentiators

Unrealized Returns: I’ve never seen a venture investor’s deck show off bad unrealized returns. …


Peter Teneriello

I wear many hats. LP. Notre Dame 2012. Opinions are my own and subject to change at a moment's notice.

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