Why I love Buffer and why you’ll probably love them too

That’s right, I love a company, in a way I could say I adore them, and I know that sounds a bit awkward if I phrase it like that. In fact I love several companies, or at least certain parts of companies. Sometimes I really like the product and I feel the customer experience is lacking or vice versa; but in the case of Buffer it’s just the whole package that really makes sense in such a natural way it gets really hard not to love, or even adore them.


Buffer helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once. Quickly schedule content from anywhere on the web, collaborate with team members, and analyze rich statistics on how your posts perform.

No more no less. They have a free model and an awesome business model. For years I’m a loyal free “customer”. Sure I’ve tried a couple of other services, but nothing ever felt like better fit for my needs. What makes Buffer truly unique for me is their values; customer satisfaction in complete transparency is the shortest description I can think of. You can read the long and detailed versions of how they manage to do this on the Buffer blog. And if you got anymore questions you can reach everybody from Buffer directly. And the best thing about it, you’ll get an answer for sure and it will be fast. I know a lot of companies that are trying to achieve this; but I only know a few who are actually doing it.

One example

Without revealing anything about upcoming features, I would like to show you with a simple example how the Buffer team manages to keep their values up and how it helps to create such a positive customer experience.

Yesterday this tweet was posted on Buffer’s Twitter account

I was thinking by myself, cool new features, I’m always up for new features. I didn’t reply on the tweet, I just clicked on the link, which took me to a google calendar. I selected the 15 minutes timeslot that suited me best and about an hour and 1 email later; just to verify my Skype credentials; I was doing a video call with Rodolphe, Product Specialist at Buffer, over Skype.

Rodolphe was a very nice guy, he asked me a couple of personal questions about what I was doing and how I use Buffer and after that he asked me to refresh my Buffer dashboard on the web. A second later I was already testing the new features that were available on my dashboard. I promised Rodolphe that I wouldn’t post anything about it before the official launch; but I can tell you got some really exciting new tools at my disposal now. Just to be clear, I don’t know Rodolphe, before yesterday I haven’t spoken a word, mailed, texted, tweeted or chatted with him, but here he was; asking people their thoughts about some upcoming features, valuing the users input, really listening to their customer, even free “customers” like myself.

Thank you

I would like to say “Thank You” to the whole Buffer team for delivering a truly unique total package; a great, constantly evolving product combined with a wonderful customer experience. If you want to know more or get inspired yourself; just head over to the Buffer blog; it’s filled with a lot of very interesting articles and information. It’s a great source for people who like to try, discover and learn new things.

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