A Tizzy

It’s difficult to keep up if you are only partially paying attention to events. There hasn’t been anything that significant beyond Flynn’s ouster but you would not know that from the coverage, the response to the coverage, and the response to the response to the coverage. The refugee ban was bad- but it was temporary and it lost in court (on an equally bad decision that was purely partisan).

It’s bad that the CIA is leaking intel. Unless…Trump really is beholden to Russia in some way. So the ends could justify the means but not if it’s merely fighting back because they don’t like Trump or he attacked them. He attacked judges too- would it be OK for judges to make decisions based upon that?

Here’s Rex Tillerson who, I was told, was a toady for Russia because he was CEO of a company that, get this, required a relationship with Russia. Like every company operating internationally ever. Many companies work with terrible countries. That doesn’t seem like the remark of a stooge. I was wrong about Tillerson and apologize for buying into the #Resistance hysteria which is mainly to gin up the Left’s tribe and fight normal Republicans.

So many are hysterical about everything Trump does- which a narcissist loves, by the way. He loves creating a reaction and that’s all the United States has done every single day- react to Donald J. Trump. The Left is ready to impeach Trump for…what precisely? Because he’s illegitimate much like they considered George W. Bush.

On the Right, too many are completely sanguine about Trump. He is a danger and if the Flynn vortex starts to suck Trump in- look out. “We might get reduced tax rates and ACA lite! Trump can do no wrong and besides the Media and Butobama and whatabout your hypocrisy libruhlz???” Trump could throw visa holders into prison camps and many on the Right would respond with “Yeah, well, what about Korematsu and FDR huh?”

It’s 2005 all over again and everyone has settled into their familiar roles.

It is difficult not to take our cues from all of these actors- the media, partisans, Trump. But we must step back from it and gain some perspective. When Trump does something terrible- then we respond. If actual concrete information is revealed by a Congressional investigation into Trump and his circle’s ties to Russia, then they should act.

Sober attentiveness. That should be our mindset. *

*Unless you’re drinking to cope