Goodbye, National Review

Adios. Farewell. Arrivederci. Auf Wiedersehen. Au revoir. Sayanora. Ciao. Shalom.

Perhaps it should be KRO- Krikorian Review Online.

You have a great number of fantastic writers and minds. Unfortunately they do not make up the majority of your editorial board.

By the way, where were you when Ted Cruz proposed increasing H-1B’s by five fold? No matter. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters.

Update: The Right can drop the mask of being merely anti illegal immigration now. The Right is now anti-immigration and it is not a leap from anti-immigration to anti-immigrant, though they are distinct ideas. I tried to give everyone the benefit of the doubt on this but I see now that goodwill was unfounded. Just about every family in America immigrated at a time when there were no restrictions- no waiting lists and no quotas. We celebrate Oktoberfest and St. Patty’s Day as vestigial markers of these immigration eras. But it’s OK now because those were Western (white) nations which we see as a friendly tribe (They were not seen as such at the time) . And those who were here opposed these same new groups for the same reasons, most of which are distilled down to: “I was here first.” People have no idea how they got here or what our purpose is, but by God, no more immigrants. #Prolife

Update II: I mean, really? H-1B’s don’t compete with low income people. The whole editorial is conclusory poppycock riddled with the same cliches they decry. But good job, Mark Krikorian.

What this roughly translates to is: “Our readership is dying as there is no place on the Right for free trade and free movement of labor anymore. We will rationalize these editorial stances because they will placate the Freedom Caucus readers and other assorted nitwits to keep us in business to do other good things too.”

Update III: Much of the Left’s argument against Betsy DeVos was that she was going to force all sorts of policies that she has no control over. This is the same thing in reverse! The DOL doesn’t control the number of allotted H-1B’s. It was a mere ideological litmus test campaign mixed in with having an illegal immigrant worker or something? At least the Right finally agrees with the unions on something though, amirite?

Update IV: Jay Cobb at The Buckley Club has a much more comprehensive takedown of not only the editorial, but the mentality behind it. Essentially all of conservatism has capitulated to Trump, Trumpism, and his band of populist tribalists on the Right.

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