The Right and Collectivism

I had a thought I can’t quite put together completely. The Right is anti-collectivist in terms of government action; every individual should make their own way, free markets, free people, etc. But there’s a bit of a paradox with the Market; the harm of free marketism may fall on individuals when changes to that market occur, but the benefit redounds to all. This is the case for free trade. Free trade benefits all people, yes disproportionately at times, but benefits nonetheless.

But the Markets can be cruel and unforgiving to individuals who can’t compete due to any number of factors. Still, we know that it’s a net benefit so we adopt it. Or used to. The Right will oppose things like the negative income tax because it’s socialist welfare. Please tell that to Milton Friedman. But it is that welfare that would support free trade against the current political consensus against it. Instead, large swathes of the Right have favored collectivizing trade; socializing the costs of protectionism for favored industries/jobs.

We also, as President Obama famously stated, collectivize things like ground transportation with paved roads. Essentially the Right is very selective in its opposition to various collective issues. We would be better to deal with these things in a straightforward manner instead of hiding behind jargon.

Update: Writing posts is so much more difficult than Tweeting. The muscles I once had for writing are atrophied beyond belief. This post would have been like a 10 tweet string and would have sounded smarter.

Update II: We should socialize the cost of adoption. This article shows how that’s being done privately but I am not opposed to doing it publicly as well. It’s an absurd sum for individuals to pay; society pays for the current state of affairs in the long run in crime rates and failed lives many times over.

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