Trump is a Dummy

But we knew that already.

“But Obama’s grades!”

Obama was probably of above average intelligence but otherwise was not as gifted as his supporters thought him to be. He was able to parrot the manner of speaking of the Academic class and that was enough for them.

Trump’s supporters value ignorance as a virtue and that’s why they like his 6th grade level speeches.

George W. Bush was probably one of the most intelligent people to hold the office. Though his college grades showed a lack of…focus.

The older I get the more I value integrity over these sorts of things though. Being smart is not in and of itself a virtue; it depends on what that ability is applied towards. On Twitter and in the chattering classes, smart people are valued- that trait covers a multitude of sins. But it’s not sufficient in and of itself.

Not that we should look down on smart people- we should value it and expertise. But these same people should look at it as a humbling responsibility instead of lording it over people in supercilious fashion.

All gifts are from God, after all.

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