Finding Your Purpose in Life

A dedicated life coach with more than a decade of experience, Peter Winslow mentors individuals in the Phoenix metropolitan area through his own practice, GoldMind, LLC. By using a few simple techniques, life coach Peter Winslow helps his clients reach their highest goals, find happiness, and determine their life purpose.

Figuring out your purpose in life is a goal for many. However, the task can be more difficult than you may think. As you go through life, it will sometimes tell you what your purpose should be. Try looking through your past at your accomplishments and failures and find a unifying connection between them. These patterns can guide you toward the things that you place value on even when you cannot think about it right away. They also draw your attention to things that may be draining on you.

Finding your purpose also relies on doing more things. Many people have a tendency to overthink their actions. While this can be beneficial in certain scenarios, overthinking may keep you from trying new things that could bring you joy. If you don’t know your life purpose, it is possible you have not yet discovered it. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

As you do this, avoid the idea that there is only one purpose that is meant for you. You can have multiple passions that drive your work and activities. If these passions make you happy, then embrace them all instead of narrowing them down to just one “purpose.” Start thinking with your heart instead of your head because it will guide you toward the things that bring you joy and happiness.