Programmers Are the Unacknowledged Legislators of the World

In a World where technology is leading the charge into the future, poets are no longer the “unacknowledged legislators of the world”. Welcome to the age of the programmer.

Internet and Society

Programmers are increasingly gaining access to our everyday lives.

They may not completely control your life, but they certainly influence it. As the technological world continues to advance and evolve, programmers are gaining more and more access to our everyday lives. With different types of software, apps, websites, etc being developed so rapidly, programmers are in the business legislation. They have the ability to set brand new social norms through their creations and ideas. In older times, poets used to be the people who sparked social change and things of that nature. Now the people who are able to manipulate these various technologies we rely on, become the “poets” of the 21st century.

Programming is now one of the most efficient ways of spreading a message, catering to the likes of the people, and providing insightful positions on worldly events. With the software they create and we use, they are essentially helping to shape the present; more importantly the future. They can decide as to what the new game will be centered around, or whether or not the new social media service can give you access to anonymous peoples profiles. Essentially they have the steering wheel and we are passengers in the car heading towards the future.

Much like writing was such a necessary skill to express yourself many years ago, programming is the skill of now. Everyone should learn to code in a language that suits them and their interest. Its a lifelong skill that gives you the individual a bit of power in controlling where we will end up in the future. Go out and become the unacknowledged legislators of the world.