For years, business leaders, tech companies, analysts and consultants alike have promoted the idea of being “ready for anything.” Was a global pandemic on the radar? Sure, but not like this. Interestingly, the World Economic Forum — Global Risk Report 2020 (15th Edition), written in late 2019, registered a pandemic risk as tenth in terms of impact, and outside the top ten for the likelihood of actually occurring.

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As in Spencer Johnson’s classic change management tale Who Moved My Cheese? we look at the challenge of surviving and thriving in a business world of disruption and shifting goalposts. Now that…

Digital transformation and innovation are often talked about together, and yet I’ve been reflecting lately on the interplay of the two terms.

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Digital transformation invokes visions ranging from entire industries being disrupted and organisations rethinking their fundamental business model or place in the value chain, to companies lifting and shifting their analog processes to a digital format, to the more mundane of using it as a buzzword to sell the latest tool, widget or agile process.

Innovation, which is a much broader term, is the search for the new — it is less about efficiency and optimisation and more about…

I’ve been reflecting on the future of the consulting industry after reading The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen and the disruptive impact of emerging technologies. As a thought experiment, consider the following:

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Imagine a future where customers request consulting engagements on a platform that matches the right partners to them.

Once matched, the consulting firm’s electronic personal assistant evaluates the likely win rate and moves the opportunity to proposal response. It gathers relevant case studies and reference material, sources the appropriate talent from a dynamic talent pool, prices the engagement risk and marks up draft contract terms for review.


The role of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a wide and varied function depending on the industry they serve. One of the primary relationships of a COO is to support the CEO to enable them to focus on strategic issues rather than day-to-day operational matters.

A key characteristic of a COO is to be a “safe pair of hands” that the CEO can trust and rely upon to ensure the efficient running of business as usual whilst integrating new business initiatives to remain competitive.

This key relationship requires a high level of trust and mutual understanding — a simpatico…

How often do you pause to consider what digital footprint your online interactions leave? It’s a double-edged sword — you want to be recognized online for some aspects of your persona, but no doubt there are other facets that you wish to maintain privacy around.

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So how much information is readily available about your online activity — or that of your family — even before you have logged in with your social media profile or filled out an online form? The answer may surprise you. …

Disclaimer: I am not a certified cybersecurity professional like my colleague Brendon Taylor.

I am however, like many who work in the IT industry, de facto help desk and tech support for family, friends and relatives when they have problems with their PCs, laptops and devices. Think of this article as a community service announcement to lessen your home tech support pain and improve the cybersecurity and safety of your loved ones.

No doubt you have fielded a call from a relative asking something like: “My computer’s acting weird” or worse: “I’m getting messages on my machine and can’t login…

It is essential that an IT Strategy be aligned with the goals of the business to create and sustain competitive advantage and yield true value. These days, business and IT strategy are more intertwined than ever. As organisations face increasing pressure to adjust course or pivot quickly to meet new market challenges, there is a knock-on effect on the supporting IT Strategy and its ability to maintain alignment.

Gartner defines IT strategy as the “discipline that defines how IT will be used to help businesses win in their chosen business context”.

It can be a challenge to develop and deliver…

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The Brisbane startup ecosystem is vibrant and flourishing, supported by the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur as part of the Advance Queensland initiative. Investments in The Precinct in Fortitude Valley where River City Labs and Data61 reside, and The Capital by the Brisbane City Council which houses Fishburners’ Brisbane office and Little Toyko Two in the CBD, complement existing local university efforts such as QUT Bluebox and UQ’s ilab and IdeaHub.

Having recently attended Myriad and the AIIA iAwards in Brisbane, the effort to accelerate Brisbane’s startup community and launch successful ventures is palpable.

Hearing Bevan Slattery speak about…

Managing operations in business and driving efficiency is an interesting challenge, as it often requires balancing the standard rhythm of the business with reactive firefighting.

Using Kanban in operations management is fantastic visual method for introducing agile to your business, improving operational efficiency, increasing throughput and eliminating waste. A great lightweight tool for building Kanban boards is Trello, which has a clean user interface and is quick for a team to learn.

Over the years of working in operations, particularly when stepping into new companies, the first few weeks of diagnosis, meeting with stakeholders, reviewing policies and observing procedures usually…

Recently, I have been researching what it means to develop the digital culture of a business. By this, I mean the people side of the digital transformation equation, particularly as it relates to large, mature organisations with a certain inertia around their ability to change to take advantage of the current wave of digital technology.

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Digital culture is an esoteric concept (I note that it does not even have its own definition in Wikipedia yet and redirects to internet culture!). As described in the University of Sydney major, digital culture encompasses:

“the internet, new media, and digital technologies and the…

Peter Jarrett

Head of Operations @BusinessAspect. I help business leaders drive growth with IT Strategy, Operations, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology & Innovation.

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