Kristi Coulter

Hello Kristi,

I really enjoyed reading this so I just signed up to say hi and thanks.

Your experiences sound so familiar to me, even though we have little in common except living in ‘first world countries’. I quit drinking last December after going far too far, far too often. My environment was easier to quit in than yours though, still it was hard. Sounds like it took much willpower and discipline to take the steps you’ve taken, that’s very laudable I think. I’m happy it’s working out so well for you, hopefully you’ll be able to inspire people to join your side of the pool through your writing — I’d say you certainly have the skills for it. You seem like a really cool, fun and interesting person, and this article was a really insightful and enjoyable pageswiper, so thanks.

The sentence ‘ We engage in a silent four-way exchange of dismay, irritation, and bitchiness, and it is wonderful.’ made me laugh out loud quite embarrassingly. I don’t know why exactly but it’s freaking funny.

Wishing you the best,

(from the Netherlands)

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