Tagging and Labelling the World

Well, everything has its place!

We all have our ‘thing’, don’t we? Mine is labelling and straight lines! I don’t like clutter. It upsets my karma. In the material world, I’ve always felt compelled to label things. Everything has a drawer or a shelf. If something isn’t where it should be, then I get uncomfortable. I’ll take time to put it back.

My comic collection is a classic example of this. Aside from periods where I let a reading pile build up (and it is always a ‘neat’ reading pile), my back boarding, bagging and filing system is pretty evolved. Maybe (and this is a more obiter point), part of the reason I love collecting comics is the simplicity and clean lines that white boxes create!

I’ve taken my obsession with labelling into my technology activities and one of the reasons I like the MacOS (Yosemite) is the tagging capabilities (and I’m choosing to label it MacOS, as I suspect Apple are about to do the same). Whilst it wasn’t the main reason to change system (because that would be crazy right?) it was certainly something that was attractive. With lots of different computers, devices and cloud usage comes many files and folders. I wanted a way to get on top of everything I owned digitally and this has certainly helped. Now if I need to find something ‘font’ related, it is as easy as searching the tag.

It is a good system but not perfect. I’d like more colour options and the ability for searches to highlight tagged files on devices other than your Mac but overall it’s a decent system.

In terms of the internet, I like the idea of a universal tagging system. Everyone subscribes to the same system. There would be an overall universal parent system and then people could create subcategories. Oh, the fun! If we all started doing it now, in 10 years time everything would be in the right section of the Cloud or device or general internet.

What do you think? Am I crazy?