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I’ve come across a lot of posts over the last few months questioning whether Twitter is here to stay. The answer to this question is ‘probably.’ But in all honesty, I don’t know. It’s a great platform, that really comes into its own when a large or global event is taking place. I’m thinking, the Football World Cup or a General Election. Live tweeting really adds a fantastically in-depth layer to these events, that you can’t get elsewhere. That would be a great loss!

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The thing is, having said that, it’s not actually Twitter that holds the cards. It’s the hashtag (#). If someone said, ‘the hashtag no longer exists. You can’t use it. Your keyboard is no longer capable of producing it,’ what the fuck would we do?

There would no longer be #TuesdayTreats, #WednesdayWisdom, #LVGout or #EUref. Even writing this last sentence makes me feel scared at the prospect. My whole online life is built around the hashtag. It just defines everything with ease and places it comfortably into a universal tagging system. And that makes me sleep better at night.

The hashtag is the beat of the ‘real time’ internet. So, for now, I hope Twitter stays, but if it doesn’t, something else will take the # and run with it.

Do you agree?

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