Spit take.

Get a load of these snakey ratfucks in their shiny gold palace.

Cunts. Photograph: Leave.EU/Twitter

Funny how the sort of people who complain about “so-called experts” and “lefty luvvies” in metaphorical ivory towers campaigned actively for these pricks who are in a literal gold apartment.

Britain, America, how did you let these men convince you that they’re anti-establishment? How did these rich white men fool you into thinking they’re like you? How are you going to tell me you trust these gloating, gurning dickholes in their gold and marble hallway and their fucking suit jackets? Look at their gleeful leers; delighted because the US and the UK have given them popular consent, and they’re limbering up to fuck us all dry.

We’re not even going to get a courtesy spit.