Pethereum —A Metaverse That Everyone Deserves

3 min readJan 18, 2022


Introducing Pethereum, a free to play, blockchain-based, Play-to-Earn metaverse where players collect unique pets and get to enjoy simple and fun games with them. Unlike traditional games, players have an actual ownership of these pets thanks to blockchain technology. As true ownership empowers the players, we also want Pethereum to make a decentralized metaverse where the players get to decide the fate of Pethereum.

Into the Pethereum Metaverse

Players will be accompanied by cute and unique creatures on their journey of Pethereum. These creatures that are known as pets are our little cute friends and they are the unique residents of Pethereum. The uniqueness of these residents comes from their physical traits such as hairs, eyes, ears, mouths/noses, tails, colours, patterns and body types. Basically, all of our cute pet friends are unique in their way. To make new pet friends, players can buy pet eggs, hatch them; buy pets from the marketplace or simply they can fuse their pets to give birth to a more unique pet.

There are lots of fun games on this journey called Pethereum, that players set out with their pets. Players can play these games that are made by our experienced team and have fun! Moreover, players can join tournaments that will be held regularly to compete with each other. While doing all of these exciting activities, players can also earn. Most importantly, anyone can join the Pethereum metaverse and there is absolutely no entrance fee.

Players As a Decision Makers

As players, we all dreamed of a game where the community makes the game related decisions. Being a community is not simply playing the same game and talking about it. We all know that most of the traditional games fail to listen to their community. Everyone knows players are the crucial part of a game, but no one wants to see that.

As Pethereum, we value our community and we want to act cooperatively with our community to make the Pethereum a community-owned and decentralized metaverse. Thus, PETH token, the governance-profitshare token of Pethereum, will enable us to empower our community by inviting them to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. PETH holders will have a right to vote on important game related decisions such as land structure and advertising revenues, games and revenue models, various developments included in the roadmap and much more.

On top of that, we also wanted to reward our community, but giving a simple staking option to our community would not be enough. So we have come up with an idea. Our unique Profit Share Model will reward the community and players. More details will be coming, so keep an eye on new announcements.

Who We Are

One of the most important factor of a game after its community is a team behind it. In our journey that we started as Loop Games, we produced games that reached millions of people around the world with our highly experienced team in the game industry. We are passionate about making high-quality games that will captivate our global audience. Our team, which comes from the game development industry, features highly skilled developers, artists and specialists. We produced games such as Match 3D and Match Tile 3D that managed to enter the top 100 in the US Top Charts.

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Pethereum is a #PlayToEarn metaverse of adorable pets 🐾 Players collect #NFT pets and play mobile games 📱🕹