Pets and Rarity in Pethereum

2 min readJan 24, 2022

Pethereum is a metaverse where there are over 100 billion unique pets. There are 25 million different physical traits which specify pet’s rarity. When the color combinations are taken into consideration, the total number of unique pets reach over 100 billion. However, Color combinations do not effect the pet’s rarity. Pets, each of which is a blockchain-based NFT, take part in various games and earn Pethereum Crystals. Each pet has 8 different physical traits with several varieties that specify the rarity of the pet.

The factors that determine the physical characteristics of pets are as follows.

Physical Traits and Number of Varieties


Blockchain technology enables people to have true ownership and since Pethereum is built on blockchain technology we empower our players by giving them true ownership. Moreover with the rarity mechanics players have a chance to own unique NFT pets in Pethereum metaverse. Additionally, having a rarer pet boosts Pethereum Crystal that players gain by playing games.

Variety of physical traits, mentioned above, specify the rarity of pets. Each of the physical traits has a rarity level and if a pet has common physical traits it becomes less rare.

Rarity levels of physical traits and possibility of having these are shown in the list below.

Rarity Level of the Part and Possibility

Rarity levels of the pets in Pethereum are shown in star format ranging between 1 to 5 stars. The more stars a pet has, the rare it is.

Rarity levels and number of stars are shown in the list below.

Rarity Levels and Stars




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