First month of daily diary

What’s your story?

I am not going to write any “personal growth porn” or anything like it, since this is my very-first-blog-type-article. I just want to share my experience about writing my own daily diary.

Why did I started? I am interested in design and when I’m in mood I also love to create things, just for fun. So I bought a book from Austin Kleon, Steal Like An Artist. He mentions there how he writes his own daily diary full of notes, experiences and stuff that inspires him. I read this book once and put it away. I just didn’t see any reason to start my own diary. After a year I read it again and I was like: “Ok, let’s try this daily routine.” Today is one month “birthday” of my diary and I have to say: “It’s awesome to read all your notes and little stories you’ve experienced, so far.” I would love to read this diary after five years to compare my mindset now and before.

If you haven’t ever done this, I highly recommend it. Not only you stop and relax for a while, but you can spark some great ideas in your head while reading these notes.

Happy “Birthday”
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