Manifesting creation — quantum jumping my reality.

Recently I wrote a blog post on manifestation. Today I’m going to explore the idea of quantum jumping — a new buzz word in the spiritual arena. It’s the theory that we can literally jump into another parallel reality and by tuning in consciously, we can bring forth that reality into our current experience. Quite literally, another new manifestation technique. Nothing has really worked so far, so why not try a little bit of newness?

So here I go. I’m mentally jumping into the reality where I am a famous author and am being invited for book signings. Hmm, seems a bit outlandish and yet wouldn’t life be grand? This is my personal lottery. Somewhere out there past the matrix of my current reality I’m living the dream. I figure that since I have the idea in the first place, it must actually be taking place in some reality that I just need to access.

Being the meditator that I am, I do feign hope that quantum jumping will actually work. To date, my Kundalini practice has certainly helped me but never has it dramatically altered my day to day life. Unless I can count my out of body experience. But that is another story in my story. I believe that we can create our reality based on altering our thought patterns, but we have to access our subconscious mind. Sometimes what we think we want, isn’t at all what our inner Self sees and thus our reality appears completely different to what our outer consciousness is wishing for. Herein lies the dilemma and my need to explore deeper.

I decide to jump right in and try the free meditation offered by Burt Goldman when you subscribe. I quickly discover that there is nothing entirely new, that I haven’t practiced with other visualization techniques. I’m taken far back into my consciousness to imagine another time and place. And yet, there was something about this particular guided meditation that had me traveling. I just can’t seem to remember where I went. Perhaps I need to get the full course.

For now however, I’ll keep on meditating, writing and working at my passion in hopes that one day I might sell even a few copies of my book. After all, a little hard work can’t harm the creative manifestation process.

Have you tried quantum jumping? I’d love to hear about your personal experience.

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I’ll see you in another parallel reality.

Photo credit: Greg Rakozy

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