Avoiding Pain When Traveling

If you and your family are heading out of town this summer, make sure your trip starts out on the right foot, and without aches and pains from getting there. As many of us know, sitting for long periods of time, whether that be in a car, train, or airplane, often brings discomfort and general body stiffness. Follow these tips and make your vacation one to remember!

  1. Lift With Your Knees 
    Whether you are bringing luggage down the stairs or loading it into an overhead compartment, don’t strain your back by not bending at the knees. Bending at the knees naturally protects the back and is an easy way to prevent injury.
  2. Get Moving
    Before boarding a flight, walk around the terminal. If you’re driving to your destination, stop when your body starts to get stiff. Taking a minute to stretch will loosen your joints and protect your spine, as the spine is not designed to be sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time.
  3. Get An Adjustment
    If you know you are going to be sitting for more than 30 minutes, without the option to get up and stretch, getting an adjustment before you go can ease any tension from the stress of planning the trip. While at the visit, Dr. Petrak can also recommend stretches and exercises that can be completed from a seat or when you arrive to make any quick corrections to the spine.

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