What Type of Custom Orthotics Do You Need?

Nobody’s perfect, and nobody’s feet are perfect. Your feet are the foundation that hold up the rest of your body and if they are not supporting you correctly, they can cause pain throughout the rest of your body. Orthotics or inserts can be used to help correct different foot problems and provide comfort. So, how do you know if orthotics are right for you? Check out our guide.

Do you have pain in your body? If the answer is no, lucky you. Looks like you are fine without orthotics and you may be lucky enough to have flat foot which means your body is perfectly supported and your weight is properly distributed throughout your whole foot.

If the answer is yes, that leads us to our next question. Where is the pain?

Above the waist. Orthotics can help with posture and solve part of the problem. Orthotics may not be of too much help here because there may be another cause to this pain. Contact us to get more information.

Below the Waist. When you go about your daily activities and find pain occurring in areas below the waist, orthos can help. In some cases, generic inserts will do the trick. However, if you have supinated feet (you walk on the outside) or pronated feet (there is an arch downwards) your joints are misaligned. Over time, this can lead to degeneration. But, customer orthotics can be created to correct this problem. Also, high arches can be a problem that cause fatigue in the feet and damage to the soft tissue over time. Custom orthotics can help provide support in this situation and relieve some of that pain while also preventing further problems.