DefiKingdoms Combat Stats — Speculation

Game designer Hubert on professions
  1. Categorize each stat into things it will be good at in combat.
  2. Group similar stats together to create a few simple classic RPG roles.
  3. Create formulas to reflect each role.
  4. Apply that formula to each class and determine what class is best at what.

Part One — Categorizing Heroes Stats

The type of stats I’m talking about.
Definitions for stats taken from DFK official docs.

Part Two — Grouping similar stats together

Part Three — Creating formulas to reflect each role.

I won’t go too much into exactly why I chose the numbers I did for each formula because it quite simply isn’t worth the time. It is pure speculation based off the above descriptions so arguing over .5 vs .3 is fairly redundant.

Part Three — Determining What Class Is Best at What

Here’s where things get really interesting. We have the data on each class stat growth rate is for both primary class and secondary class. Therefore we know which classes will end up being higher at each stat in the late-game.

Each classes growth rates. Save this table, it will come in handy when looking at secondary class, trust me.
Physical Damage = Strength +(0.5 * Dex) + (0.2 * Luck) + (0.2 * Agi)
  • Warrior scores very highly, beating both Dark Knight & Paladin. This is due to their very high dexterity (70) compared to Dark Knights (55 and Paladins (45). In practice I doubt they will beat Dark Knights given their overall scores are very close and we have no idea what “moves” each hero will have.
  • Pirates perform very well due to scoring high in all of the correct statistics.
  • Ninjas, Thiefs and Archers have lower strength but higher Dex and Agi which isn’t weighted as highly so they score pretty bad.
Magical Damage = Int + Wisdom + (0.2 * Luck) + (0.2 * Agi)
Physical Tank = Endurance + Vitality + (0.2 * Dex) + (0.2 * Agi) + (0.1 * Luck)
  • Our earlier look at best statted class at level 100 which suggested Paladins were crazy good at Vit +Endurance carried over here. Paladins are very likely the best Physical Tanks in the game.
  • Knights overperform MASSIVELY. Their VIT + END growth rate is 150 which even beats out Dreadknights (140) and Dragoons (130). I would bet big that Knights will be the best budget tanks.
  • Thiefs and Wizards look very squishy. This fits their typical RPG archetype of being glass cannons.
Magical Tank = Endurance + Vitality + (0.5 * Int) + (0.5 * Wis)
  • Paladins are insane tanks huh? So even when we take into account a large amount of Int + Wis, Pallys still beat out Dreadknights at tanking.
  • Sages rocket up the rating due to their very high Int + Wis.
  • Knights plummet down the rating due to their very low Int + Wis
  • Thiefs still suck at tanking. Its logically because if you’re bringing a Thief to your party you’re doing it because they’re the highest Luck hero in the game and you want to maximize your loot.

What can you take from this article?

First — please don’t assume I’m saying Paladins > Dreadknights. Dreadknights are good at literally everything and will be the best hero of the classes that are released (obviously). However if you’re looking for a hero to be just a pure tank, Knights and Paladins should be quite good based off their stats.

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