10 Online Dating Facts of 2017

Online dating today is a respectable industry with a giant number of users. The landscape evolved since the early days of the first Internet personals. From singles mobile apps to Russian dating sites, you can find anything you wish catered with precision for your taste and preference. If you didn’t realize how massive it is, here are some surprising statistics.

10 little known online dating facts

There is hardly a single person with a smart phone who hasn’t been a user of Internet-based services for finding love or knows someone who met a partner this way. 2017 research by Statisticbrain.com reveals some astounding numbers.

1. Annual revenue from the online dating industry equals US$1,935,000,000.

It’s getting close to two billion US dollars. 25 countries have smaller GDP figures.

2. Average spent by an online dating site customer per year is $243.

On average, it’s about $20 a month, assuming people keep using the service equally through the year, which is probably not true: Most clients only keep their subscriptions running for 1–2 billing periods. So, the monthly spending when a person is actively searching for a mate might be much higher. Maybe, it’s still not as much as we spend on movie tickets and digital downloads, but we are sure open to unzipping our purses in hopes of meeting The One.

3. Total number of people in the U.S. who have tried online dating 49,650,000.

If we were considering unattached grownups under 50, it would be probably 2 people out of 3. Remember, there are lots of married people who wed before the advent of Internet personals.

4. Share of male users 52.4%, female users 47.6%.

The male to female ratio is surprisingly balanced. It’s good news for love-seekers. The balanced ratio means it’s not too hard to find an interested candidate.

5. Average length of courtship for marriages between people who met online is 18.5 months, while offline encounters took 42 months until the walk to the altar.

In other words, if you wish to wed faster, open your browser. The people opting to upload their photos and fill in questionnaires seem to be ready for something serious. In case of Russian dating, it can be even faster, with many couples tying the knot in 6–12 months.

6. Share of breakups in online relationships that happen by email is 48%.

Hard to say whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Email breakup is much less likely to result in a scene than arranging the “Good riddance” conversation in a public place, that’s for sure.

Some more counterintuitive facts uncovered by researchers:

7. 51% of all online daters are in a relationship, only 21% are really single and 11% are married.

This would make you question the faces you see on your popular app when swiping: Is this girl for real or just trying to get a boost to her self-esteem? Certainly, you get a better chance to meet genuinely single people at websites that verify identities through personal interviews and matchmaking portals.

8. 9% of online daters are registered on 3 or more websites.

This is quite a low number, which shows that people habitually use one preferred website as opposed to simultaneously juggling several balls in the air. It’s good news, because it means you will be meeting new people on a different platform. So, if you have not been successful before, try something new.

9. In the USA, women lie the most about: (1) weight, (2) overall outlook, (3) age on their online dating profiles.

With the western obesity epidemics, no wonders weight is the first area ladies are trying to downplay. Maybe, gyms and personal trainers should pair up with singles services, to achieve better outcomes for love-seekers? Imagine you are registering to meet someone cute and get a free month trial at a local gym. We’d take this deal!

10. In the USA, men lie the most about: (1) age, (2) height, (3) income on their profiles.

Predictably, men lie about their income, although not as much as they embellish their age and height. Yes, we are not getting younger with every year! So, if you are looking for a mate, don’t postpone your dedicated search for a partner: Jump on trusted free dating sites today. Your life may change for the better surprisingly quick — or so statistics tell us.