How to get a woman’s attention online?

Elena Petrova
Aug 8, 2017 · 4 min read

There are plenty of dating tips for men online, however, some guys still struggle to get women’s attention. You are sending friend requests or EOIs (expressions of interest), virtual kisses, swipe right, but nothing seems to work. Beautiful women do not respond. What’s going on?

If you can relate to the frustration of this situation and want to change it, these tips will help you get more positive responses quickly.

10 Tips for Men How to Get Attention of Beautiful Women Online

Females using dating sites and apps have a hard time finding the right guy. It’s easy to put ladies off. If your online dating profile doesn’t have “put offs”, scoring first dates will become much easier. Let’s see what could be working against you and how you can improve your approach.

1. Get a good profile photo.

The main picture in your profile tells the story of your life, whether you want it or not. Unless the lady feels comfortable with your picture, she will never be open to start chatting online. If you don’t have a photo, it’s also hurting your chances — do you have something to hide?

The best profile photo looks like a postcard: Bright, colourful, positive. Dark selfies and pictures showing bathrooms, mirrors look cheap and nasty. You want to demonstrate that meeting you will make her life better, not worse.

Remember to smile! You are a positive person who is open to good things in life.

2. Fill in all fields.

Depending on which website or app you are using, questions and requirements will be different. Some people rush through filling profiles on eHarmony or Elite Singles, and then wonder why it’s not working for them. If you are after a serious relationship, take it seriously! Otherwise, women think you are just passing by. If you do not have time to fill in all fields, they have no time for you.

3. Talk positively.

Some guys throw a lot of negativity into their texts. It’s best to sound more relaxed and upbeat. Turn your negative statements into positive and women will like you more. For example, if you don’t want to date a lady who have kids, rather say, “I prefer someone who has no children” as opposed to “I don’t want a woman with kids”. The meaning is the same, but it sounds positive, rather than negative.

4. Give facts.

Lots of guys make unsubstantiated statements in their self-descriptions. Confirm your general statements by facts. For instance, don’t just mention that you enjoy travel but say how many countries you have visited and which ones you liked the most. For instance, if you are dating Russian women, they would be happy to learn that you have been to Russia and liked the country.

5. Initiate communication.

Most people online prefer to be contacted by others rather than put themselves out there and be the one who says the first “Hello”. For some men, dating tips stating “initiate” sound slightly intimidating. Realize that it’s just a numbers game. People who reject your friends request don’t think twice about it; they do it many times a day. It’s not you; it’s simply the fact that they seek something different. Keep looking for that one person who wants to meet someone like you. Then everything will work like magic.

6. Be polite.

It’s easy to misinterpret things in online communication. Don’t jump to conclusions: The person could mean something different than what you imagined. Being nice and polite works definitely better than getting constantly offended and firing back. If bad comes to worst, block this user and move on. There is no need to teach them manners or get upset. You have better things to do.

7. Tell women about yourself.

Very often women may not ask you too many questions. Tell them about yourself, your daily life, goals and aspirations. Most women don’t seek an overnight stand when they are dating online. They seek a connection that could grow potentially into a serious relationship. This is why they would love to know more about you but probably are too shy to ask.For instance, Ukrainian women are brought up on the premise, “A woman should be modest”. This idea can prevent her from being too chatty initially. So, don’t hesitate to ask questions about her and tell your life story. Make sure it sounds positive.

8. Use light hearted humour.

Most girls will mention the sense of humour as something they like in a man, but they certainly do not want to be the butt of your jokes. Sarcasm in communication rarely works well. Keep it light.

9. Make compliments.

You may think that compliments sound cheesy, but every lady loves sincere appreciation. Maybe she works out 5 days a week; she would definitely love to know you have noticed her toned physique.

10. Don’t spend too long in online chats.

Once you started communicating through the dating site or app, move quickly to more personal contacts. Set up a video date on Skype or app, so you can see each other. It’s pointless to spend weeks in Internet relationships, when you don’t even know how the person actually looks and sounds in real life (photos could be taken long time ago or edited). Don’t get your expectations high; be casual and move to the real world as soon as you can after connecting through a dating site.

Elena Petrova

Written by

Elena Petrova is a dating coach with 17 years of experience. She is a Certified Life Coach and Trainer of NLP with a degree in Philosophy.

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