Why Do Women Cheat in Relationships?

Singles and married people alike feel devastated when discover that a girlfriend or wife cheated, whether they are American, French, or Russian. There are several typical reasons why women cheat.

An unfortunate reality of relationships is that sometimes one partner cheats on the other. This is not something that should occur but it does happen. Reasons why women cheat in relationships are slightly different than why men do it. Realities of partner’s indiscretions also wary if women are American, Russian, Ukrainian, or French. Some nations tend to have a certain view that supports loyalty while others have a more relaxed attitude towards cheating. In some cultures, for example, if you decide to meet Russian singles, males get a leeway while females would be judged harshly. Besides, if a husband cheats, in Russia the wife would be blamed: She didn’t take good care of him. If a Russian lady strays, however, it will be viewed only as her own fault. In other words, no matter who strays, it’s always the wife’s or girlfriend’s fault, this is how the cultural norm evolved.

Secondly, if guys may clearly separate physical pleasure and their feelings for a long-term partner, and often think that their indiscretions should be forgiven because of that, women, single or attached, usually seek an emotional high when going for love on the side. They want to feel beautiful, loved, admired, and this is why some girls choose to step over the boundary. Hot ladies may actually be more loyal because they don’t need this affirmation of their attractiveness. Another reason why females opt for intimacy with another male is to “get even” or punish their partners. Intoxication also could play a role.

Top 4 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Every guy who discovers that his girlfriend or wife cheated is devastated. Even in cases where there is no strong attraction left, it still hurts. And the question everyone in such a situation has is the same, “Why did she do it?” Here are some possible scenarios.

1. The relationship went stale

Certainly, no reason gives an excuse for breaking a promise to a spouse or partner. But sometimes if a relationship gets unexciting, women have this drive for strong emotions. Remember the story from movie True Lies (1994) with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis? The wife didn’t really want to be with another guy physically but after starting to talk to a single male pretending to be a spy, she was feeling adventurous, and if the husband hadn’t found out about it early on, something was likely to happen. But the wife didn’t mean to be meeting someone for pleasures on the side initially, it developed from just a friendly conversation.

If guys are strongly aware of their physical drive, ladies, single or married, often don’t understand what does it mean if a gentleman is trying to chat her up. In short, they may genuinely believe it’s pretty innocent, until such time that all of a sudden things develop extremely quickly, and she finds herself in an embrace with another guy.

2. Punishment

If a girl feels that her boyfriend (husband) did something terribly wrong by her, she may choose to accept another man’s advances just to get even. It’s done on an emotion rather than after giving it a careful thought. If the culture doesn’t forgive this type of things, like in case with Russian ladies, the chance of it is much lower. But if a general notion that “things happen” is accepted as the moral guidance, then it will affect outcomes.

3. Intoxication

Potentially, any person has a higher chance of doing wrong things under the influence. Since both genders now seem to enjoy drinks just as much, such is the modern custom among singles, it’s more likely to happen that a girl could lose her inhibitions and respond positively to someone’s approach. Culture plays a role here as well: For instance, in Ukraine single women and married ladies alike would be seating in a group separately from men most of the time at a festive table, thus girls naturally drink less. Similar ways are habitual among Russian girls as well. But in Australia or UK females nearly keep on par with males in this regard, which is a worrying trend. No amount of TV ads warning people about their drinking patterns seems to be generating changes.

4. She wants out

Sometimes a female in a long-term affiliation may be too afraid to ask for a divorce or initiate a breakup, so she uses an indiscretion as a way of causing collapse. In this case, the partner who finds out may have to start the process of dissolution. Obviously, this is more typical among singles rather than married couples, where the situation of division is not as straightforward. “I met someone else” could be quite a simple way out.

Obviously, there are also societies that are under Islam rules, and in some places in the Middle East a wife could still lose her life if she as little as looked at another male. The level of divorces in the Russian Autonomous Republic of Chechnya is less than 15%, while in the USA it’s 53% and in Belgium staggering 71%. The western generation Z, or millenials, seem to be living within the “hook up” culture, where affairs are treated casually and even people who are dating feel they are free to do as they please. While in the case of meeting Russian singles, for example, the local views are governed by Christianity while still being more traditional. And the personal aspect of one’s individual choice also should not be discounted. If people want to do it, they will.

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