Why Women Do Not Respond While Chatting Online?

Any man who had been chatting online knows that quite often women do not respond. Why does this happen? There may be several reasons for this, and not necessarily it means she doesn’t like you. If you are using a trusted dating site and following the tips to impress any girl online, the fact that a woman seems to ignore you may be also an indicator of her high interest in you. For example, if you check online chatting tips or advice on rules for Internet dating, very often you will see points about acting casual and easygoing. Girls are especially likely to keep a pause with a guy they want to impress. No one wants to look desperate or too eager.

Use these simple tips on chatting with girls if you would love to succeed in connecting with beautiful women.

7 Reasons Why Women Ignore Men When Chatting Online

Thinking of the simplicity of online communication through sites and apps for singles, any person getting a message could respond instantly, if they wanted. How hard is to type a couple of phrases? Not that hard. So, when a lady decides to keep silent, it’s strategic. She is sending a message without sending an actual mail or chat. So, let’s see what are the main causes of girls not responding immediately.

1. She is busy right now.

The simplest reason behind her silence is that she can be actually engaged in something else. People have jobs or study full time. Sporting and hobby activities also keep females busy for hours. For all you know, she could even be at a movie with her mom. The simple tip here: Wait. Some users only answer their mails every few days.

2. She is not logged in to the online dating app or site.

Plenty of people join singles portals, create profiles, and only login back once or twice. Some weirdo might have insulted your sweetheart, and she decided to stay away. She may come back later and see your chat but feel it’s too late to answer. It happens. Tips how to manage it include sending another message in 3–4 days asking if she got your first mail or chat. Sometimes all it takes is to don’t assume too much because of her silence.

3. She is playing cool.

As mentioned before, a girl may be simply not wanting to appear overly eager and try to act casual. This is why sometimes women purposefully answer much later. If this is the case, you will hear from her soon enough.

4. She didn’t like your message.

If you didn’t get a response within 48 hours, might be your text didn’t impress her as interesting. Some ladies feel that regular requests they get from guys along the lines, “Hey, what’s up?” are a poor way of starting a conversation and disqualify such men instantly as “dumb”. When you are chatting online, it’s always a good idea to put a little more thought in your first message. Try again and this time read her profile and create something more personal, based on what she says there.

5. She disliked your online profile.

Sometimes a woman may reply after viewing only your main photo and then read your full profile and find something she dislikes: You have kids, you are still legally married or made a statement, which is against her beliefs. True, people should be more attentive when starting conversations, but it’s not always possible, and similar situations might have happened to yourself as well. Review your texts to see if there is potentially something that could put your favourite off.

6. She wants you to chase her.

Some ladies may come from a culture where they expect men to actively court them. For example, users of free Russian dating portals note this about ladies who come from Eastern Europe. There the courting etiquette still states that a lady should be reserved and modest, thus they may wait for a second mail or chat to reply. Or she could even be unsure what to answer and thinking about it. The remedy in this case is the same as with the tip #2, send another request if you really find this person attractive. Most females will be flattered.

7. She met someone else.

In today’s online dating environment, people often connect extremely quickly. Spending a couple of hours with a new pen pal on Skype chatting is nothing special when you are meeting single women through Internet. In such a conversation people may discover they enjoy similar things and seem to be made for each other. Thus, even if you have been talking for a while or just exchanged a couple of mails, she could have chosen another guy to get closer with. Again, tips for chatting online suggest to find out what actually happened by sending a polite request.

But if you do not get an answer, possibly it’s time to contact someone else! Surely, there are thousands of other gorgeous females who would be excited to hear from you.