Consistently Slangin’ Pipe .

You ain’t finna be taking about me.

On twitter, you can find me 👉🏾 @___willmatic , where I have been known to stress the fact that when I do have sex, it’s “I go with you & this is our first time sex” or “boyfriend dick”. I mean that. Ain’t no way I’m going half ass & you shouldn’t bring that “well I guess” pussy over to my pad either. I pass out consistent boyfriend dick because …

  1. I know how women talk.
  2. It’s the right thing to do.
  3. It’s a privilege to even be in them guts.
  4. Ima beat it up because it ain’t mine. It’s just my turn.

Let’s begin with reason #1.

So I got hella female friends & I have sisters. I know what they talk about after they have sex with someone for the first time.

Ain’t shit worse than a BDR.

Bad dick report. Nigga that’s a felony in the sex world. Ok, you may not eat pussy as well as you need to be. That’s some you can work on. You don’t eat ass? Hey, myyyy nigga. Fuck that. BUT, at least, at the very least you can do is pipe her down. Everytime I’m in some cat, I’m thinking “Say Will. Let’s beat her down, try to make her shake a couple times & Issa success.”

Letter number 2. It’s just what you do.

Honestly, why you even having sex if it ain’t good. That’s just it. She got naked for you so beat her shit up. It’s just what you do. Don’t you turn the radio on when you crank your car. Aight then.

Objective #3.

All women ain’t too keen on letting niggas fuck. So, if she does let you fuck, it’s a level of trust there. Not like she trust you with her car or some shit. Yeen Jody. Lil dumbass. But, she trust you enough to get naked with ya & engage in this horizontal square dance, so take full advantage. Ain’t no modesty in the bedroom. This is the area of her life where maybe a lot of niggas don’t see. Unlessssss, she be fucking. & if she be fucking like that frat, let it be. Don’t eem run in her. So if she let you hit, you should in fact .. Hit.

My favorite. #4.

The realist shit a nigga told me when I first really started fucking was, “Tear it up my nigga, it ain’t yours.” Got damn he was right. That pussy can fly the coop at any time. That shit ain’t yours. It’s just your turn.

Ladies, don’t leave yet 😂😂😂

Ian saying it as y’all are hoes. But, let’s be real. If you’ve had sex with multiple people at this point, meaning: if you’ve fucked 2 or more people by now, then them niggas had they turn. 🤷🏾‍♂️.

So when it’s my turn, Ima beating that shit the fuck up. I promise. Nigga, I’m bout 4 positions in, deep stroking, thrusting, ass smacking & all. Shit, I might even lovey dovey kiss you during missionary. I can’t sit here & be like I wonder why she caught feelings cause hell I know why. These kind of nuts are hard to come by. Ian eem bragging but shidddd, I told you .. YALL AINT FINNA BE TALKING ABOUT ME.

Ion care. Whether you like me or not or if we keep fucking with each other or not .. the moral of the story is, that nigga Will fucked me pretty good. Whatever other hating ass shit you gotta say, well ion care about that either.

But here’s the bad part. The disclaimer to the homies.

Bruh, using this method cause problems cause women mad annoying when they dickmatized. They also sometimes feel entitled when you beat em down like that. So what I do is, try to get the understanding of what we doing clear before the first nude is even sent. But some women feel like they can sex you into a relationship. Y’all stupid. But anywho, just know she ain’t going away for a while. So when you cheating, if that’s what you do, don’t use this model. Now, if you single, chances are, you’ve won some consistent pussy. At least for a few weeks.

Here’s the cool part .. I really could give a fuck if you agree with me or not. I’m still passing out boyfriend dick. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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