Don’t Be Down. This Shit Fun Af.

A lot of us, including me, let life whoop our ass once or twice. It happens to the best of us. Whether it’s a financial loss, family loss, loss of relationship, job, whatever. We let that lil shit knock us around for some time. But bro, life so much fun. Most of y’all who read this & actually read it, are younger that I am.

& since i need to open up more, I’ll tell you a story.


It’s November. I’m at my grandma house waiting on her to get back. I’ve been here maybe a month. My cousin been here for probably 6 months, but this our hood. Fuck worm 😂. Anyway, I’m not working at coke anymore & I got a pregnant girlfriend that’s still in high school. I was 19 & she was turning 18 in May. Happy Birthday by the way if this catches your eye. You can speak to me at Walmart. Ian tripping.

My grandma & cousin come in the house & they looking downtrodden as fuck. “Grandma got breast cancer. Let’s smoke cuz.”

I panicked. I didn’t know what to do but I had to do something. I didn’t know what I could do, but I wanted to make her happy. I held that house down the best way I could. I put my time in & got my mind right & the next time I saw her, she was talking shit about me being scared of planes as a kid 😒. The Navy wouldn’t even mean the same no more. We both know what made me do it. Thank you Annie.

I remember having a 2 bedroom apartment with no furniture & we ate with two young women on the Tupperware boxes we had from shopping.

Hey lol. Congratulations 🍾. I saw you out there shining on the gram the other day. I wish you the best.

& then trying to chill with a girl in my room. All I had was a TV, DVD player & a air mattress.

I could tell you about only having rice & ground beef in the fridge & turn that into a meal. I can remember getting paid & after paying bills I had maybe $158 & I’d make you bring the food so we can have Sunday dinner cause we all was broke af. I couldn’t touch my savings cause that’s in a certificate of deposit. Thanks Tamekia. I needed that game. Good lil set up.

This goes to show you that no matter where you at, it can be two things.

  • Better
  • Worse

That’s it. But you gotta make the shit work. I’m telling you. This shit so much fun when you look back & laugh. Don’t complain. Reflect. Never go back to the worst. The good thing is, you’ve been thru the worst before. Ain’t hard to manage. The Lord definitely know what he doing. Don’t let it bother you mane. I had to learn that this weekend. This shit fun man. I’ll leave you with my favorite bible verse.

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:34‬ ‭NIV‬‬

✊🏾. Be able to say you’ve had a blast so far. Be able to say that life is beautiful. Be able to live my nigga. Live, my nigga.

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