Girl Move.

Don’t be in here hyping your skills up. Don’t be texting me taking about you can take dick. You false advertising & I wanna beat you up for that.

Don’t lie to me.

Cause Ima tell on you. Dead ass. Don’t be talking this good game if you ain’t had none yet. Why make it hard on yourself? You boasting & bragging thru text but when a plair run that rod in ya, you can’t handle it.

This is solely your fault, whether you like it or not. But no matter what, quit putting your arm out. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Dog. I’m finna start smacking hands like I’m a black mother at Wal-Mart. Like what makes you think, even if you even have mediocre pussy, think we finna stop pumping?! You drunk. I’m catching this one my nigga, fuck outta here. That hand shit slow a nigga momentum down & they yall complaining because a nigga going forever. Let me get these rocks off so I can move around. Yall forever pushing niggas out & go cap in ya group text like you put a nigga to sleep. No, we went to sleep cause that shit was 🗣boringgg. You hated on the whole process. Move ya got damn hands & grow ya pussy up.

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