Is It Your Fault?

A conversation about “feelings”

Men, sometimes that shit really do be our fault when females wig out on us. I was having this convo the other day & i just had to spit some bout it.

The Age Old Saying ..

Actions speaks louder than words

Got damn. As much as I detest it, it’s true. You can blatantly say some shit but do some else & what you said went out the window. For instance, you tell a woman, “Say, Ian looking for the relationship shit” but go & spend the night with her or vice versa, you creating confusion. She see the shit like well “maybe he feeling me” but you may not be. The reason she came to this conclusion is because of what you just did. You gave her something that didn’t line up with your words. She’ll catch feelings. Get ready to be confused, but is this really your fault? Partially. 59% of it is.

Boyfriend Dick

Now you know by know that this is a speciality of mine. You have the reasons why it’s good to lay effective pipe but beware, this shit can cause you hella trouble in your life.

Women have emotions & it ain’t too hard to get her in them. We must remember this. Now, passing out solid outstanding dick can cause these emotions to display outwards & if you don’t wanna be with her, you frustrated. Ladies look …

A person who don’t want a relationship & is serious about that, will be frustrated with the very first sign of “relationship actions”

Believe me. You talk to me or expect certain things out of me? I’m already irritated because I don’t wanna hear that & it’s that simple. Am I the blame? More than likely. 88% on that one. Do I feel bad? Well depends on what you said.

Most of the ladies love to say that they can have sex with a man & that be it. Well all know that’s a lie cause women lie like niggas do. They just rehearse the lie a lil better & they soft & have titties & we believe that shit sometimes. But fellas, we all know, as soon as you pipe her down, she all in her shit. Want you to call her all the time & all that when 9/10, she initiated the fuck buddy situation. That’s a female with a hidden agenda. 👈🏾 (wait on that one. Ima hip you on some shit bruh). Is this our fault? Nope. That aint on us.

But we’re not here to place blame. It’s for you to assess your situation & think, “Am I giving off the wrong vibe?” I said this cause sometimes you just don’t think about it deep enough. If y’all just fucking, it’s no need for all that convo. That’s where the OG’s led us wrong with the whole being relevant mentality. Ima tell ya tho, as for me, ion want none of ya pussy. I’ll take some but I definitely don’t care about it to be honest. Bath & Body works ain’t no joke 😂😂😭😉

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