Shooting your shot 101:

Ladies, check game. We finna help you get that man. Or penis if that’s your only stop.

1. Study.

I know that may be like nigga please but look. We all probably follow the mark on some sort of social media so it should be easy. Most men are probably gonna give you some insight into whom they are, IE: Music, Fashion, or whatever is relevant to them. Start there.

Because niggas love compliments too. Go figure.

2. Be 100

If all you wanna do is fuck. Say that. If you wanna know what’s up with that person. Say that. Don’t send these 👉🏾👀 & then wonder why it’s a hard dick in ya inbox. Duh.

3. Don’t claim nothing that ain’t yours.

Just because he responded to ya lil dm or whatnot, don’t mean you & him got shit going on, well not yet. Don’t get on the man IG or Twitter talking shit about who he rapping to. You still a got damn stranger. Keep them feelings in ya pocket.

4. Please have something we both can talk about.

Listen, we don’t give a flying got damn what another nigga did for you. Ok. We don’t care. That’s the easiest way to get called for a tec …

Like fr. Just be you & focus on the person you’re talking to. Whether you got someone currently shooting baby gravy in you or not. We don’t care. So don’t tell us. That’s why you use Rule #1 for this. Talk about something that y’all can go in on for hours. That’s why y’all think men are boring, because you’re boring. We know shit about weave or makeup. Keep the convo common.

5. On Ma this is important.

This is more so about feelings.

  • You can’t fuck a nigga into being your boyfriend.
  • You can’t fuck a nigga into being your boyfriend.
  • You can’t fuck a nigga into being your boyfriend.

6. If that man single & you like him .. cuff him or leave him the fuck alone.

That checking on a plair shit trash. That who you can & cant talk to shit trash. That you don’t need to go here or there shit trash. Especially if you’re doing the exact opposite. If you like someone so much that you find yourself dictating or being jealous, put it on the table. Ok, he might not want a girlfriend. That’s why #5 is important. If he’s never opposed it, shoot your shot. Tell that nigga, hey I’m feeling you so let’s get serious. Cause when he find someone that ain’t on that shit & you still outchea trippin’ , a plair gon do what a plair gon do. I promise. Don’t nobody want a pretend ass girlfriend. So either chill, or pull sum.

You owe me $10. You ain’t know the game was that easy huh. But “you know what you want” sooooo 🤷🏾‍♂️

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