Stop income tax shaming.

It’s tax season & the shaming has begun. Niggas act like yo taxes belong to them or some shit. As soon as W-2's come out, motherfuckers hit the internet with they opinion.

Leave these folks alone.

They taxes & what they do with them ain’t got shit to do with you. On Ma. Y’all ass be front line hating cause a plair got a car with his taxes. Shit, if that hoe get repo’d, that aint you problem. If that nigga want the J’s & a belt, let that man do him. Ol pocket watching ass. Ian mad at all but dog, that shit has nothing to do with you.

Oh, don’t be greedy either ..

I know the whoop is to use someone else kids on ya form to get ya chips up & all but that shit ain’t worth getting caught up. The IRS want all theirs back & they’ll freeze the fuck outta ya bank account if you ain’t got it. Just gon accept the lil 895 you getting back & get out the way. One day your watch can say time to shine but not at the expense of 12 knocking at ya mama house looking for ya.

I mean you ain’t gotta listen to me but as for me frat, I’m not gon play with them folks. That shit look bad getting audited. & I damn sho’ ain’t gon judge a plair for what they do with they tax money. Get you a whip. Splurge out. Spend it all on ya kids. You worked for your cut, not me, so what the fuck I gotta say? Then if they talking shit bruh, ignore they ass. On the cool, they just probably wish they could do what you doing with they taxes. Ignore them niggas mane.

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