That Ain’t What They There For.

Also, on my break, I was introduced to a theory that had been bugging me for months. This is ulterior motives. Yeah, we all know what it is but do you know what the signs are?

Music break. Jam this song.

That’s the shit.

Disclaimer: if I’m talking about you, you know what it is already. We cool, I just can’t fuck around. I’m selfish with everything.

Mane, look. Everyone you fuck with don’t actually have the best interest of you at heart. You know this. But some of these people will show those colors if you pay attention. Now, I’m not saying people don’t genuinely care but some only care enough to get where they wanna be with you. For instance .. have you ever been sick & someone who you rarely talk to now a days going all out they way to make sure you A-1? Sometimes this is an ulterior motive. It’s used to show that nurturing side of them in order to make you believe that they care. Hell to be honest, sometimes it’s only done to be closer to you. It was just a lane to get in & try to drive 100 in a 60. I’m not saying this isn’t true. You don’t talk to everyone everyday so I feel that. But you kinda know who being serious or not. Some shit just smells fishy. You’re right. Go with your first mind.

The Fair Weather.

Everyday, you’re not gonna have a good day. We all know those days where nothing seems to get you back to normal. For me, it’s a lil tougher. Now, you have to assess these moments the most. You’ll have people who just actually don’t know how to deal with you & that’s ok. We all understand that a lot of things, you don’t know how to deal with when it comes to another person. You may not know what will make them feel better & I promise that’s ok. What’s not ok is being a fair weather friend. The ones who only wanna see you one way. The ones who as soon as you have issues that you wanna talk about, they busy or they just give up talking to you. That’s what’s not cool. 🗣 Weed these people out your camp. People can’t be one way every time you see them. If they do, then there’s something that’s really hurting them & as a friend, it’s your job to investigate without judgment or pressing. I wouldn’t have a friend for 17 years & not know how to deal with bro when he stressing. That’s just not how the shit works. That’s a fair weather friend. When the sun is out, we riding. When the rain comes, they in the house. Remove them.

I’m not trying to get you to go against your camp but my OG, may God let you rest, told me that “if everybody wanna be around ya, then evaluate that. It may be real or it may be dangerous.”

The Opposite Sex

Men & women do this one. The whole, we friends thing. You’ll notice that these type of people make sure they say “friend” in every sentence. Now, all this shit ain’t fake but some of it is ulterior as shit. Why do you have to remind me that we are friends when I know that? 🤔 Especially if I’ve never said anything out of the way to you?!

Let me hip you: Sometimes people say this because they want you to change that. They weren’t your friend in the beginning; that’s just was the only position they saw open. It goes back to stating your intentions off rip. Say what the fuck you mean at all times. No need to be subliminal if you guys are friends cause news flash: friends don’t have to agree. I just think they have to always respect each other tho.

Stop letting these folks pull the wig over your eyes. Stop letting folks in your aura & wonder why it’s fucked up. Some of the people you look to as friends can cause you as much fuckin harm as the ones you supposed to love. Be honest with you & them. If you ain’t digging it, then you just ain’t. & that’s ok. It’s fine. Live your life, with or without people. Now, are you still down?

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