Regarding The Far-Left Attacks On PewTube

During PewTube’s first week of operations, while the site was still very new and security against viewbotting and mass registrations via bots was still very limited, posters on far-left internet forums began to circulate links to PewTube with the intention of disrupting and causing damage to the service.

After those users which were attacking PewTube through a multitude of angles had their account access restricted, a rumour began to be circulated by those on the far-left that PewTube had unilaterally began to delete content based on no other premise than the founder didn’t want the material on the site.

That’s an outright lie and it’s not difficult to prove as such, below I will list screenshots of the people on internet forums discussing, planning and ultimately executing different attacks on the platform.

As you can see, this was not a case of leftists just using the site in good faith, reaching a high level of popularity and then being banned for no reason other than ideology, it was a coordinated attack that tried to destroy the site.

If leftists want to use PewTube that is absolutely encouraged, it’s better for PewTube and the PewTube community at large to have as many opinions as possible available to users, however this targeted attack of PewTube and subsequent rumour that was spread about ideological censorship was nothing more than a malicious action taken by people who want to quell freedom of the internet and were more than happy to try and destroy a very young startup out of spite and hatred.