To Be Or Not To Be ……. Married Forever.
Alisha ‘Priti’ Kirpalani

Thank you Alisha! This is a wonderful piece of writing that I will share with my Sweetheart and my 5 adult children. Let me please be so bold as to describe your piece as kind of a guide post. And may be this guide post also for those of us who already failed once or twice (as it is in my case).

As a parent of adult children I feel that I have the need for a bigger dose of inspiration and guide posts along my journey to a harmonious Life. In fact I applaud Frances for her courage and openness in her reply as I had to deal with transgression of my first wife and now again through one of my daughters who spoke openly and honestly about her transgression to me just recently. In fact Frances reply gave me the courage to organize my thoughts and feelings and write.

I really love your guide post as I see so much heart, love and truth in it. I might not be married or may not even get married for a third time, but I can honestly say that my now 10 plus years with my Sweetheart are the most loving and honest I have had in my long life (64). Why? Because adding to your beautiful last paragraph is a feeling of understanding from her that I have never experienced before. We are not even living together and yet her interest in me is uncompromising and on a deep soul level. In our relationship we are very unique and so are the relationships of my children. It is with this understanding, that I hope that your guide post is a blessing for all of us, my children, myself and anyone married or not married (yet).

Someone once said: there are no coincidences only synchronicity. Just this morning I shared an article from the L.A. Times with my Love . This was on the actress Kristen Bell and her desire on balancing her work with that Love for her husband (also actor) and her children:

I…love him more than I could ever articulate…But I made a choice to be happy with him and be good to him and conduct myself in his presence exactly as I would in his absence. And he made exactly the same commitment to me. And in truth, accepting that we are on the same team is the source of our joy.

And yes, my body changes, my Beard is white, but what you wrote in that last little Poem about her eyes…. boy, does that came straight from my Soul.

With Gratitude… Klaus

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