WTF are millennials anyway?

True. There is no such thing as a “generation”. Babies are born every second so there is a continuum. The concept of generation, I guess, was based not on technology evolutions, but on structuring events: Revolutions, WWI, WWII, 68 uprisings/VietNam, Reagan, Mitterrand’s or Thatcher’s election, Fall of the Berlin Wall. Our minds were essentially shaped by politics, and I believe generational solidarity and mindfulness formed in the late teenage years.

The thing with the Millenium is that it coincides with a tremendous acceleration of technology, a whopping opening of the planet (migration, communication, trade), a return of instability and a society where the individual has become the standard organizational level.

People from my “generation” (I was born when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon) have to cope with it, and to keep up with youngsters who themselves are taken in a whirlpool of transformation. Our outdated teaching about society, thinking and living seems of little utility to them, but they are eager to find their own way. So they create it themselves, improvising, by trials and errors.

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