Origin Collection Utility & Planet Genesis Sale Details

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5 min readFeb 4, 2022

Hey Pilots,

Our mission with Phantom Galaxies has always been to unify the high-quality of traditional gaming with the new, exciting space of blockchain gaming. In order to achieve this goal, we believe that we must appeal to both audiences while encouraging them to participate in the game together.

With the above goal in mind the Origin Series and Collectors Series NFTs have utility for both audiences. Some are special limited edition Starfighters and Avatars, while others provide special access to the upcoming Planet Genesis sales.

We would like to stress that if you are not interested in owning / trading NFTs and simply wish to play an incredible game, there is no need to participate beyond owning a Halberd-001 NFT. This NFT will allow you to play all 4 episodes of the Alpha Test. Then when the full game is released it will cost the same as a typical MMO to buy into the game and continue playing. The special limited edition Starfighters and Avatars will provide no gameplay advantage. Keep in mind that the common Starfighter and Avatar NFTs that will be required to play the game will be around the same cost as a traditional AAA game.

While for collectors and crypto-natives, we have an awesome collection set that rewards holders with very limited edition generative Starfighters and Avatars, as well as the chance to participate early in the planet sale.

This is such an exciting time for Phantom Galaxies and your continued support means so much to everyone on the team!

Happy hunting,

Admiral Ben.

Here’s a breakdown of the ORIGIN COLLECTION UTILITY:

  • A full set of Unredeemed Poster NFTs will give the holder a Mintpass, which will allow the holder to mint a collectible Pristine Fleet Generative Starfighter.
  • A full set of Redeemed Posters NFTs (obtained when claiming an Episode Medal NFT) will give the holder a Mintpass, which will allow the holder to mint a collectible Veteran Fleet Generative Starfighter.
  • A full set of Episode Medal NFTs will give the holder a Mintpass, which will allow the holder to mint a collectible Zveta Gene Generative Avatar.
  • A Hopeful will give the holder a Mintpass, which will allow the holder to mint a collectible Elpis Gene Generative Avatar.
  • To claim all 4 collectibles you will need to hold a full set of unredeemed posters, a full set of redeemed posters, a full set of completion badges, plus one Hopeful NFT.

Moving onto details about the 🪐 PLANET GENESIS SALE 🪐 and what part the NFTs will play:

  • Planets are special generative NFTs that players are able to purchase, own and trade.
  • Each Planet will have designated coordinates within the Phantom Galaxies universe, and will have randomized traits that will make each Planet unique.
  • Planets will gain greater utility once Phantom Galaxies’ governance token launches. Each Planet is allocated a set amount of Astrafer Tokens and will award the owner an amount of “ASTRAFER” directly. Once staking is enabled, owners will earn a Token Emission through in-game activities.
  • Planet holders will be able to earn a multiplier on their emission of Astrafer Tokens up to a set maximum. This increased emission rate will be dependent on the Planet’s level of engagement (visits to the planet), how much the Planet has been developed (buildings constructed) and the level of engagement of the Planet holder in the game (owner / organisation completing missions).
  • Owners (individuals or organisations) will be able to choose their Planet’s governance: they could choose to run their Planet as a dictatorship, or share power as a republic.
  • Owners will also be able to build structures on their Planet, such as marketplaces to sell items, hangars to store Starfighters, residential units to house guild members, or refineries to harvest minerals.
  • Each sized planet will be able to physically accommodate a certain number of simultaneous players, from a squad of 4 players on a small asteroid to thousands of players on a large planet.


  • There will first be a private sale to key partners, brands and guilds followed by a public sale.
  • ‘Planet Genesis’ NFTs will be sold which can be redeemed for a planet.


  • Presale A and B tickets will give the holder access to purchase a Planet Genesis NFT for one hour before the sale opens to the general public.
  • A Hopeful NFT will give the holder a Presale A Ticket.
  • An Episode #2 Medal NFT will give the holder a chance to receive 1 of 7,500 Presale B Tickets.

We’re aware that this is a lot of information to process, all we ask is that you read this announcement carefully. As always, our Community Managers and the fantastic Ranger Squad moderators will be available in our Discord Server and Telegram to help with any concerns you may have. Thank you so much for your patience and continued support — we’re so proud of our hard working team and all of you, our amazing community.



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