Additive Monitoring Systems is now Phase3D

Phase3D Media
2 min readNov 4, 2022


November 4th 2022 — Additive Monitoring Systems has officially changed its corporate and operational name to Phase3D. The team continues its commitment to in-situ monitoring technology to support additive manufacturing’s (AM) transition into the next “phase” of manufacturing: full scale production. Additionally, “Phase” describes the underlying technology utilized by the flagship monitoring system, Project Fringe.

Fresh off of the announcements of a 2-year contract with the US Air Force, a strategic collaboration with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and continued support from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office, Phase3D is ecstatic to continue innovations to push the AM industry towards capturing more of the overall manufacturing market. There is a momentous and unified push of AM to enter a new phase, to unlock new markets, and to capture end-use applications. Aligning with this momentum, the “Phase” term represents Phase3D’s vision to propel AM technology forward into a future where components can be qualified and certified in-situ. The “3D” signifies and represents both the 3D printing industry’s call to arms, as well as Phase3D’s advanced visualization tools which create a digital twin of the components represented in 3D.

Phase Encoding process on laser powder bed fusion (EOS M 290) (left) and binder jetting (ExOne Innovent) (right)

Not only does the term phase appear in the vision and push of breaking AM into end-use components, but the “Phase” is also relevant to the underlying technology utilized by Phase3D’s flagship monitoring system, Project Fringe. Using structured light, Project Fringe encodes a unique spatial phase identifier to the full-field surface of powder, and melted or binded layers, and uses proprietary algorithms to reconstruct the phase-map of the surface. Using the phase map, Phase3D produces objective, quantitative height information with quantified. Phase3D’s phase-mapping technique is the only system which can quantify out-of-plane surface anomalies in both the melted/binded and powder layers in real time.

Phase3D will be exhibiting at Formnext 2022 at Booth 12.0-B81D, showcasing in situ monitoring technology and a software demonstration.