U.S. Air Force Employs Phase3D to Develop Multiple Sensor Real-Time Inspection for Additive Manufacturing

Phase3D Media
2 min readApr 29, 2024

Phase3D has been selected by the U.S. Air Force to further additive manufacturing (AM) quality inspection, through a Phase I contract from the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program. In collaboration with the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) Phase3D will propel the development of Fringe Research, a real-time inspection and certification technology for powder-based AM. Specially, this contract focuses on combining data from multiple sensors to improve defect detection. Phase3D’s focus is to advance flaw detection and part quality assurance for critical use AM applications.

“Phase3D’s heightmap data does not exist in a vacuum. While we have seen excellent correlation and predictive capabilities from heightmap layer data from structured light, we are excited to announce the development of incorporating multiple data streams to increase detection capabilities to our customers,” says Dr. Niall O’Dowd, Founder and CEO of Phase3D.

This collaborative effort between Phase3D, the U.S. Air Force, and UDRI represents a crucial step forward for the AM industry. By integrating data from multiple sensors, Phase3D’s technology enhances the accuracy and reliability of in-situ monitoring. This improvement paves the way for early detection of part defects and enables interventions during the build process. This can include repairs or stopping the build outright, reducing scrap rates and improving overall yield.

The impact of this development for the AM industry extends beyond the immediate benefits to the aerospace industry. By reducing scrap rates and improving build quality inspection, Fringe Research from Phase3D will continue to help customers reduce project lead times, increase machine utilization, and ensure build quality. Phase3D is on a mission to empower the AM industry by offering a trusted part quality assurance technology, which will lower production costs and increase.

Learn more about Phase3D at https://www.additivemonitoring.com/